• Super Moist Chicken Burgers With Mango Jalapeno Topping

    Today I decided on a new life mission. It’s based on a comment I’ve heard way too many times, in as many variations as you can possibly imagine. “Everything that is delicious is unhealthy.” I can see you nodding at the screen in agreement. And I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong. I’m here to show you you’re wrong. No, I don’t mean I’m going to create something “healthy and edible” – I am going to create meals that are so delicious you will completely forget that they are “healthy” to begin with. And so this life’s mission will be called “Wellness Wednesdays.”

    Chicken Burgers with Mango Jalapeno Topping | via HeartofHomemade.com

    Welcome to the very first one! Can I just say – this recipe is tried-and-tested, roomie-approved, carb-lover-approved, and will definitely be one to store in the recipe book for the ages. And, can you say this with me? It is LOW-CARB, FULL OF VEGGIES, AND DELICIOUS. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Healthy AND Delicious. Put briefly, it is a deliciously moist and seasoned chicken burger over a bed of spinach, topped with a mango jalapeno topping.

    I decided to experiment with a lean meat that, in all honesty, I normally don’t enjoy. Chicken breast. It’s almost unbelievable to me that these burgers are made of chicken breast. I also did not even notice the spinach, even though I ate a good amount of it. It was all tied together so well by the mango topping that I just got thoroughly tied up in enjoying my dinner. By the end of it, I was happy, satisfied, and incredibly full. It was simply perfect. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!


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