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Fire Roasted S’mores Mocha

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good evening, friends! I hope your Autumn season is off to a wonderful start. It’s always longer than I want it to be between posts, but here we are, months later, and life keeps moving forward. We had our SECOND child this year, and I have been enjoying maternity leave, soaking up the baby cuddles, interspersed with some fun recipe experiments with sourdoughs, bubble teas, chili oil – you name it!

But all that aside, this is a very serious post. Serious because, in truth, there is nothing I take more seriously than my drinks. Coffee and tea, to be specific. So, when I put together a repertoire of my favorite drinks for my favorite season – well, it’s a very serious thing. And, here’s the truth. You just can’t have Fall without s’mores. You can’t do it. And so, we just HAVE to have a Fire Roasted S’mores Mocha recipe, because…well, who doesn’t need an excuse to have s’mores every week?

Now, I love deep chocolate flavor – but I don’t tend to love my drinks sweet. It was a quandary – until this recipe came together. You can vary the sweetness to your preference, but whatever your sweet tooth level, if you are a s’mores lover – this drink is for you.

I have four more Fall drink recipes coming in the next week, so stay tuned! I so hope you enjoy this one – I know it is one that my family and I will enjoy for years to come.

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