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Guava Strawberry Pie (Pastel de Guayaba y Fresas)

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Guava Strawberry Pie - via

We’re going to talk about Guava Strawberry Pie during this post, but first let me tell you a story. I met a man earlier this week who said he worked as a psychologist. He was a man of quickfire questions who left little time for replies. Yet, somehow, you left his side feeling as though you had shared your innermost self with him. He asked me, at one point, in his speed-questioning way, what had been the overarching lesson I had gleamed from my father. Pressed for time and without much time to think, the reply came on its own, “Do what you need to do, when you need to do it, and enjoy doing it.” Without of a moment of hesitation, he asked me the same question about my mother. Again, there wasn’t time to think this through. Yet again, the reply came on its own. “Love others to the best of your ability.”

Guava Strawberry Pie - via

Wow. How is it that in twenty seconds of my time, this man brought about two things about me that even I didn’t know? Why have I never really asked myself these questions? I was shocked, a little lost in reverie, as he went on to explore his own curiosity within my psyche. It was certainly an experience, and a very pertinent one in my life. Today, I want to celebrate the two people who have celebrated my efforts, who have loved me through my annoying phases and my know-it-all ones, and who have encouraged me to get past those phases. These people have sacrificed more for me than I have ever sacrificed for everyone in my life put together.

Guava Strawberry Pie - via

In their honor, this recipe brings in a hint of Cuban flavor to it with some guava and lime. It is very traditional for Cuban sweets to revolve around tropical fruits. In honor of the new things that their love allowed me to experience, I’ve incorporated a few of my favorite American flavors. Won’t you indulge me by indulging in this sweet treat? This pie really is “the best of both worlds.” Sweet, homey, and delicious. Grab some vanilla ice cream and a warm piece of pie, and let the memories take you where they may! I will gladly join you.

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