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Easy Ramen Noodles

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Ramen Noodles Chronicles: Part 1 via

Ok, so first things first – I’m back! In the last three months, just about everything has changed in my life. I started a new job, my husband and I are finally working in the same state (wooo!), and I have happily kissed the days of long-distance marriage goodbye. Forgiiiive me for how long I had to be gone. As it happens, packing and unpacking can take forever if you happen to be starting a new job at the same time (and let’s not even talk about what happens when the winter holidays begin in the middle of that). But, in order to christen this happy new time – my husband and I worked on this post together!

Ramen Noodles Chronicles: Part 1 via

Here’s a question – have you ever had ramen noodles in a non-college setting? Better yet, have you had ramen noodles that are not microwaveable? If you have, it’s quite possible you know just how amazing they are. Seriously. Ramen is one of those things you can either whip up with a quick broth and a few additions, or go all out and make a broth that takes all day. But I think it’s fair to say – there’s no good ramen without good ramen noodles. This is the first in a series of trials we will do, testing which noodles are the best. For this recipe, we did three variations, each time with a slightly wetter dough. Since I’ve had these noodles three times since making them (no, really, I’ll take this one for the team), I can say that all three variations taste the same once cooked – so it’s a pretty forgiving recipe.

Ramen Noodles Chronicles: Part 1 via

While this is the first ramen noodles post – this is far from the first recipe we’ve tested. There are some great aspects to this particular recipe: the noodle texture holds up well once cooked. Some ramen noodle recipes, while tasting great, will give a noodle that falls apart more quickly (as in – you better start eating as soon as the noodles hit the broth). It’s a great recipe for freezing in individual-size portions; it’s also fairly quick and inexpensive; and, lastly, it doesn’t have the same numb-your-mouth level of salt that other recipes have. Since ramen broths can be fairly salty to begin with, these noodles are a great compliment to any broth!

Ramen Noodles Chronicles via

I’m sorry – I really wish I could say there wasn’t a catch. There’s definitely a catch. This recipe requires a pasta roller and an angel hair cutter. If you have to do your cutting by hand, ramen noodles can become a big time investment. I will, however, say that I definitely used to cut my ramen noodles by hand. So, to me, it was still worth it. If you’re feeling a little bit out of the box tonight – this might be your night to make ramen! I’d love to know how this recipe turns out for you and what tips or tricks you might have to make it better!

Ramen Noodles Chronicles: Part 1 via

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